A September Without Push Ads, The Wanted.. and the Holy Grail!

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I was out doing the weekly grocery shopping at the local Tesco outlet, when this lady walked by, and she had this black t-shirt on with the wordings "The Wanted" on it. Really huge.... words, seriously, the wording just shouted out at me.

And guess what came to my mind? Notification Ad! LOL!

The "ad" of the band popped up, when I was least expecting it, and while I was not watching the TV or listening to the Radio! Awesome eh? Long live notification ads!!!

No More Aggresive Ads

I removed Leadbolt and Airpush notification and icon ads from my Google Play apps in mid-August. Up till now, I am not confident in Google's stand on the issue of these ad formats, so I am staying away from them for now, even though there have not been any concrete evidence of apps getting suspended due to these ads.

Airpush did have ads going around with the title "New Message", which could have landed developers into much unwanted trouble. Looks like they have cleared that out.

I think ad networks need to be extra careful on their side too on how the ads are going. Developer accounts could be at stake here.

Holy Grail... Your Mileage Might Vary

Many new developers often come to blogs where other developers share their experiences. It is good, I too often visit other developer blogs and forums. But, guys, and gals, what one person gets for his / her apps does not in any way guarantee what you will get in yours. What I would suggest is that you try out stuff on your apps.

How ads work from one app to another very often differs. You can have 2 exactly same apps, and yet, the performance of the ads will differ. Promotion of the apps for example. If one app is downloaded more in Mozambique, you're sure the returns are gonna be lower.

Really, just do your tests, and see what works best for you and your app.

Also do note that some ads would be useless in certain stores.

For example, AppLovin ads are almost 100% likely to be Google Play linked apps. Now if you publish your apps on other markets like SlideMe or GetJar, do remember that these markets are mainly accessed by devices that don't have the Google Play market built in. Your ads are basically gonna go to waste, especially if you're using a CPA type ad network. The same if you're using AppBrain, and I think Leadbolt too.

Go for the CPC types instead for these markets. Admob has many ads that are not app related, and when clicked, brings the user to a web page.

Also, this is one reason why Airpush ads work in almost any markets. They have many ads that are linked to web pages, or downloads that are not on Google Play. You may consider using them on these alternative app stores.

Allright then... Hope you had a productive September, and an even better October. May Justin Beiber pop up IN YOUR FACE!



  1. Hello Bill.

    I think that Leadbolt has a problem with developers. They are with many ads on YouTube, Google pages, Grooveshark etc (have you ever seen?).

    I think they still have advertisers but with this new Google's policies they need developers right now (the devs are doing the same way you do).

  2. Hi Silvio,

    I did not notice much Leadbolt ads ( more airpush ads instead :D )

    Well, while I don't know what goes on inside Leadbolt, there are a few possibilities on what's going on with them (my opinions only):

    1 - They ARE losing advertisers - Revenues been reported going down by many developers over the past months

    2 - They ARE NOT losing developers. I am basing this on the number of referrals that are still joining Leadbolt from my referral link. Not a good conclusion, but still a rough picture I'd say.

    3 - If my point 1 above is wrong, then they are having low quality advertisers as reflected by the lowering revenues.

    4 - My referral revenues keep going down, which ultimately means that even though there are more developers signing up, they are not making money. And those that are making money, I am guessing they are getting lower revenues too.

    5 - If point 4 above is wrong, then the low quality advertisers (point 3) is true as it means Leadbolt is making lesser money from the advertisers, which impacts my referral revenues, and other developer's revenues too.

    6 - I am not leaving Leadbolt totally. And I believe this the same with other developers too. I am only avoiding icon and notification ads due to Google's policy. I am instead looking at integrating the non-sdk html offer walls in my apps, to see how it really performs.

    Any other feedback folks?


  3. Referral revenues is fine, but you dont get enouth cut now, Lead bolt changed %10 to %1. If you read in your dashboard.

    "( 1% of Revenue for publisher referrals , 10% of Yield for advertiser referrals ) based on their revenue / spending."

    Notification & Icon ads are totally fine, if you make user accept an EULA, I use my own EULA not leadbolt.

    Nothing performs like "App Icon", I still get incredible results with this.

  4. Ouch! Did not notice that! Thanks for highlighting it. Looks like Leadbolt is running low on revenues then eh? Since they are now giving developers a lower cut of it? OR, they have too many developers now perhaps?

    Really wish they would have informed developers about it.

    Well, notification and icon ads are fine from my understanding too, but I'm just waiting for more solid conclusion on Google's lack of proper explanation.

    I guess, like I've mentioned in the post, no 2 people are gonna get the same performance. I get horrible performance from icon and offer walls, but was awesome with notification ads.

    Thanks for the info again Moribito!

  5. Actually Google policy is very clear about Notifications & Icons. You only need user consent with an EULA.

    "Ads must not make changes to the functioning of the user’s device outside the ad by doing things such as installing shortcuts, bookmarks or icons or changing default settings without the user’s knowledge and consent."

    About Leadbolt, they have way many developer then before now, problem is advertisers are not enough now.

  6. What about the part of users easily making the changes back to the device by "uninstalling the app"? The icon ads and bookmarks dont go away by uninstalling. Any ideas on that part?

    I totally agree on lack of advertisers on leadbolt.

  7. In my EULA I totally described the how the ad can be removed for each type of ad (Icon, bookmark etc...)

    I inform users fully about ads and removing ads, then I get their permission to run the app.

  8. That looks like a good idea on how to go about it. Give the full explanation of it yourself, instead of depending on ad network's EULA.

    Hope Google is fine with that too :)

  9. Hi guys, I removed AirPush and Leadbolt from all my apps last month. After that, I published new app on my own website. Because I didn't publish it on Google Play so I use all ad network I know including AirPush & SendDroid. I think my app is very interesting so the users didn't uninstall it. They also can't give me bad review too :D

    Now I conclude that if my app is good enough, the users will don't mind about what ads they have to see.

    Just my share :D

  10. Hi susu,

    Back when I had notification and icon ads in, I too did not get much negative reviews over it. Either users don't mind it, or users might not really know what it is and how it gets into their phone :)

    Hows the download from your own site? Aren't you losing out on downloads from a big market like Google Play by not publishing there too?

  11. Hi Bill,
    I used bit.ly shorten link to monitor the number of download. It got 30.000 downloads for 1 month. I guess if I published on Google Play the number could 5x bigger. However I'm happy with it now.

  12. 30k downloads in 1 month from non-Google Play site? Seriously awesome susu! Congrats, I think that is really a great achievement!

    Hope it keeps getting more and more :D


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