Airpush - A Google Play Suspension Potential!

Now, I thought Airpush mentioned that they have fixed the 'New Message' crap?

And here is what I have today in my notification tray:

Just when I was thinking of adding back notification ads, Airpush comes along and shows that they really have no concern for their developers!

For all those using Airpush, please beware that the 'New Message' ad is clearly against Google Play's T&C!


After about 4 hours later, another similar message pops up:

Good luck to developers using Airpush!


  1. Wow, that is just total neglect on their part. I am still currently using leadbolt and their notification follows the policy. It clearly states which app the ad is coming from and it does not mimic any system notification such as shown above. I hope leadbolt stays the way it is right now.

  2. Airpush follows guidelines aswell by showing which app the ad came from (as clearly seen in the screenshots - touchsnake).

  3. Well, if you look at screenshot one, the top ad from airpush does not show opt-out url and ad source due to the long ad text.

    But that is not too bad I guess, as on other devices this info might be visible. Plus airpush has shown ad source since even before google's new policy.

    But 'New Message' when clearly it is an ad is, as AVillardo said, 'total neglect on airpush part'.

  4. Hi Bill,

    This clearly break policy and showing that Airpush do not respect developers.

    The first one look like sex add can you disable that type of ads?

  5. Hi Bojan,

    The majority ad push ads I get, over 90% of ads by Airpush is similar to that sex ad you see... sex sells eh? And no, you can't disable that type of ads.

    These ads also auto download and run the installer of some apk file that shows the stuff they wanna show.

    PS - 24 hours after this blog entry, I got yet another 'New Message' ad!

  6. Hi Guys,

    We have recently changed the logic in our system to say 'New Message' when the advertiser didn't include an Ad Title in their campaign. We understand that this could be misinterpreted as a system message so we have revised it to say 'Click to Learn More'. This change is now live across our whole network.

    Phil from Airpush

  7. Hi Phil,

    On the forum, you mentioned on the 7th October that it was changed effective then. But on the 13th and 14th October, a week later, we are still getting these ads.

    Forum link:

    How reliable are your words? Developers' accounts are at stake here. Will we see the ads again next week?

  8. Hi bill that really is bad, but i read somewhere that you can disable the push/icons ads on airpush console so you could use only the smart wall feature. By the way did you tried their smart wall? I heard a lot of good things about it but kinda wondering if this is not Revmob all over again :O

  9. I read on other forum that they serve porn ads on wall too, porn ads is no way for me because it ruins developer reputation on long run.

  10. Hi Steve,

    Yes, you can disable push and icon ads, and only use smartwall.

    I've tried their smartwall... though not Revmob, airpush did build up much hype with it. Lots of fake "developers" posting on forums on how great it is and such.

    Here are my eCPM stats of the average from last 7 days for smartwalls:

    worst - 1.23
    best - 2.90

    Really nothing very fancy, average-ish for such ads.

    And ecpms of push ads went below $1 ever since I had the smartwall in. That is very bad performance.

    All I can summarise is that airpush pushed up the smartwall ecpms and lowered the push ad ones.. making new developers think they've struck gold!

    You be the judge...

  11. Hi Bojan,

    Yes, you are right about adult ads in the smartwalls too.

  12. Hi bill again

    What what about leadbolt offerwall? Reading "" let you know that david is making crazy ecpm´s with leadbolt offerwall but strange only him is making that kind of money :O

  13. Hi Steve,

    Sorry for the delay in replying...

    Here are my stats with Leadbolt's appwall average from from last 7 days:

    worst app - $0.20 eCPM
    best app - $1.81 eCPM

    overall average - $0.86 eCPM

    Nothing fantastic at all for me. Nowhere near where David is getting.

    Maybe Leadbolt is also playing with the revs in back end? David has a very popular blog going, and this might be the "cost" for Leadbolt to advertise on his site perhaps? Give him high results, and get good reviews there :)

    Just when they reduced referral revenues from 10% to 1%, David mentioned that his referral revenues went up 4 times more than usual daily amount. Mine has gone down to a pathetic amount!


  14. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your concern on this issue. We at Airpush take pride in the quality of our network, as stated before we made the change to how our system displays ads with no content once we were aware that there was any chance of the ad being confused with a system message.

    However, just like any large system the changes took several days to take effect. Please rest assured that this issue is now completely resolved and that we have a clear policy against any porn ads. The ad shown in the screenshot is for a wallpaper app which has no absolutely no adult content.


    Phil from Airpush

  15. Hi Phil,

    You replied on this link:


    How can an ad stating "video" in the ad title be a wallpaper app ad? I've raised a couple of other questions on the forum. Hope we can get a reply from you there.


  16. Hi again Bill

    So what is best offerwall network for you? Which is giving you the most?

    By the way you keep always talking about eCPM how can i calculate that with Appbrain? they don´t show the number of impress.

  17. Hi Steve,

    There isn't really a way of calculating the right amount of eCPM from AppBrain.

    What I would looks at instead is to try out the ads in you apps. For example, my apps get quite similar download ranges daily. From this, I can see in comparison which ad network gives the best result.

    The method above does require some "sacrifice" of potential ad revenue though, but give them a try for a week to know what is gonna work.

    For me, best offer wall is still AppBrain. Others might have better experiences with other ad network walls.

  18. Hi Bill,

    Do you have intention to try SendDroid alert ads (new format) and if you already tried them what eCPM you see?


  19. Hi Bojan,

    No intention on trying that ad format for now. So, no feedback on ecpm from me..

    Cheers! and good luck if you do try it :D

  20. Hi Bojan

    I heard a lot of bad feedback about SendDroid :\ so i would stay away from it.

    By the way Bill another offerwall/interstitial network worth to implement? I am trying applovin and while it´s better then most networks it still don´t performs like appbrain. Any other i should try?


  21. Hi Steve,

    Have not used other walls, can't comment much. I doubt you'll find a wall that performs better than appbrain if your apps have international traffic much.

    If your app users are mainly US based, then I'd suggest to give Leadbolt's non-sdk app wall a try again. I noticed my US-heavy app is performing quite ok with Leadbolt.

    But how many of our apps are gonna be US-heavy anyway eh?


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