Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.. and coming soon!

Been a while, and the year is almost up. Doomsday tomorrow! See you all in hell (for those developers who use notification ads), and in heaven (for those who only used banner ads). I'll be at both places, we'll have fun!

Anyway, say we survive this weekend, here is what you can expect from me very very soon:

1 - A new social ads network library which will give AppLovin something to buck up on. There isn't much "social" aspect left in AppLovin, this new one coming out real soon has all the needed social stuff, maybe even a leaderboard for Basic4Android too (testing it out). Here is a screen capture of the ecpm from last few days for one of my apps (they only have interstitial ads so far):

2 - A fixed and updated MillenialMedia library

3 - Probably more updates to the other libraries, including the remote settings part for AppBrain. (John, I've read you request for MoPub and mAdvertise, no promises, I'll give it a try.) These will be not very soon though.. :D I've got a life outside of the PC too you know!

So, remember to come back here every now and then. Or subscribe to the newsletter on the right side of this site to get the updates delivered to your inbox.

Merry Christmas folks! And wonderful holidays to all of you!

May 2013 be an awesom-er year for your ad revenues.


PS - Where the hell is the goddamned December eCPM boost???


  1. Hi Bill,

    Been nice reading your forum.

    I'm new to this all ad industry. currently using AirPush in my apps. my cpm is around 2$.

    Was wondering what you are using atm, any suggestions?

  2. Hi Mizizi,

    I'm using a combination of a number of ad networks, including Airpush, Leadbolt, Admob, AppLovin and AppBrain.

    You will need to see which ad type fits your apps, as no 2 person will get same results from ad implementation, neither will 2 apps :)

    Good luck!

  3. It's always fun when read your post :)
    I'm waiting for your surprise so I'll check your blog everyday.
    Have a nice holiday!

  4. hi susu,

    thanks for the support :D

    lets hope the new network won't disappoint us too soon...


  5. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the reply.

    Btw, Can I use more than 1 ad network in the same app? Implement AirPush and Admob/Leadbolt.. in the same code ?

  6. Hi Mizizi,

    Yes you can put multiple ad networks in each app... no problem.


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