Heyzap Ads - Review and Basic4Android Library

Update September 2014:
The review below is back from 2012/13, when Heyzap just started with their ads. Please note that all the cons points have been sorted out, and as of September / October 2014, I HIGHLY recommend them. 

Please check out my case study publishing a game with Heyzap here.

Basic4Android Heyzap library is available here updated as of end of September 2014.

Hi folks, let me introduce a new CPA ad network for use in your Android apps. Heyzap Ads provide CPA type interstitial ads for Android apps, similar in functionality as AppLovin's interstitial ads.

They've performed quite well for me, and in comparison with AppLovin, I'd they they both have their pros and cons.

Social Ads

Social aspects in games and apps can be very important in pushing the popularity of one's apps. Honestly, after using AppLovin and now Heyzap, the social aspect really just "cheats" you to click an ad and download the advertised app.

Now, this "cheating" is not bad in anyway. Ads are supposed to be attractive in order to get a return for the advertiser, so attraction is important. AppLovin did it by showing an image of your contact and asking you to play that contact to a game. I believe this ad type is now removed, really too bad I say, as it was a good selling point to get users to click on ads. But, how am I gonna challenge my "home" to a game is beyond me.

Heyzap ads also employ similar techniques, they show you some other apps that you already have installed on your device (no extra permissions needed for this), and asks you to try out another game because you have those other apps/games.

I'd say it is working quite fine. I'm getting CTR of between 12% to 16% on my games, with eCPM ranging between $1.xx to $6.xx.

Further Socializing

The Heyzap library has many other social features that are pretty well functional, which include checking-in to your app, leaderboards, posting to social sites and achievements. Since these extra features are not within the scope of this blog, I'll leave you to explore these aspects on your own.

The Cons

Heyzap has been in the market for a while in terms of social sharing and such, but their ads aspect is a little over a month old, and really has lots of stuff to sort out.

One thing I'd like to have an option of disabling is the prompt at app's first launch to install the Heyzap app. The following is the screen that is shown:

Users might miss the "I don't want fun" button, and really, I'd like to avoid this popup totally.

Second issue is on first run, a notification is added to a user's notification area asking to download the Heyzap app. This again is not something I am interested in if I only wanna use the ads aspect of Heyzap.

Other cons are probably forgiveable for now, as they are new. For example, some of the apps I added to library to did not show stats (a quick email with the support people sorted it out), the payment terms isn't sorted out, navigating the site is really a mess, and the additional files that are required to be in your app adds to the app's size.

The Pros

Heyzap ads are simply beautiful. Okay, beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say (some say it is in the eyes of the beerholder... hmm), but I think the ads really have made interstitials beautiful. The small pop-up look in your app really gives it much attraction, which could lead to a higher CTR.

The ads are performing quite well in my opinion too. Where AppLovin seemed to work for high volume apps, Heyzap is returning results even for lower volume apps. I hope this stays on, as so many networks over time lose out on the eCPMs, and performance just gets pathetic (AppLovin banner's anyone?).

The support is pretty good, but there is really more room for improvement. Somehow I feel a more closer relationship built with the likes of the contacts I have on AppLovin and Leadbolt than I do here. Developer's are definitely important to ad networks, otherwise they'll go the way of SellARing (heard they closed down?).

Basic4Android Library

This subtopic is specific for Basic4Android:

For Basic4Android, download the library at the end of this article.

Download the SDK from developers.heyzap.com, and find the library called "classes.jar" (awesome naming!)

Unzip the jar and xml files into your extra library folder.

You need this in your manifest:

<receiver android:name="com.heyzap.sdk.PackageAddedReceiver">
  <data android:scheme="package"/>
  <action android:name="android.intent.action.PACKAGE_ADDED"/>

In your library's tab, select both classes and MESHeyzapAds.

In sub global -> Dim heyzap As MESHeyzapAds

In activity_create -> heyzap.initialise, followed by heyzap.enableAds

At any point you wanna show ads -> heyzap.showAd.. followed by heyzap.initialise and heyzap.enableads so that it pre-caches a new ad (skip these steps if you don't want to load a new ad)

Check-in and Leaderboards are not fully tested by me, so please test them yourselves, as I am not even sure if they work. Long ago when I tried Heyzap's check-in, it did not help the app's growth in any way.

When you compile your B4A app, you will get error messages stating some files are missing. Basically you need to copy files from the drawable-*, xml and layout folders to your /project/Objects/res folder, and mark these folders and contents as read-only. Remember not to override your icon file in the "drawable" folder. You'll need to experiment with what is missing, I'm not gonna provide the support for this.

.: end of steps for B4A :.


The social ads arena is still quite wide open, and it would be interesting to see how AppLovin and Heyzap betters each other in this. A healthy competition is really welcome. Good luck, and do share your experiences with them.


Basic4Android Heyzap Library Download


  1. Hi Bill,

    Really nice post (and wrapper library too) ! I can't wait to try Heyzap now :D

    Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Bill,

    I just recompile my app with HeyZap. It seems ok but when I call heyzap.showad I only see a close button in black. I don't know what wrong. Can you give me a link to your app? I want to try it.

    Thank you again.

  3. Hi susu,

    You can try this:

    Volleyball Juggle

    But be warned, pretty nasty stuff with airpush and leadbolt in it :P

    Ad is shown when the main menu activity resumes. Click start game, enjoy the bouncing balls, click back, the ad should show.

  4. Hey how do you get paid from HeyZap?

    I cant find any information about that...

  5. I received the December payout early in January via paypal.

  6. Hi Bill

    I am trying to follow your instruction, but fails.
    I have copied everything from Layout and Drawable folder, but I cannot find the XML folder?
    Can you tell me, where to find it?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Jakob,

      Sorry about that, nothing needs to be in the XML folder. Can you tell me what fails? Do you get an error showing? Or is there anything in the log?

    2. I got some help, from Heyzap and the problem is, that their new SDK does not work, with your library. So they gave me the old version of their SDK and it work well.
      I have managed to get the ads and the leaderboard up and running - and it was so easy.

      Kind regards

    3. Thanks for the feedback Jakob.

      I was worried about the updated SDK. Looks like I need to rewrite the wrapper library again. Oh boy...

  7. I have been testing Heyzap for a month now and the result is VERY disappointing. I am now removing them from my test apps.

    Kind regards

    1. Yeah, they went bad too fast. I removed them end Jan from all my apps. Sigh!

    2. Jakob and Bill,

      Sorry to hear you've been disappointed. We are constantly striving to improve our network and most developers using Heyzap Ads are seeing very high eCPMs.

      I'd love to help you resolve whatever issues you might have - please feel free to contact me directly at jake(at)heyzap.com.

    3. Hi Jake,

      I've highlighted the concerns here to Adam back on 24th March, and received no response from him since. Probably you could check out with him on what the last status was with this issue.



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