Misleading ads - The dirty games of the mobile advertising world

So, the ASA have come down on EA and decided that the ads that EA has put out for Dungeon Keeper have been misleading.

And, while I think it isn't that big a deal (Hey! if you don't wanna spend money on apps, just don't, YOU have the option), it only highlights the tip of the iceberg of what is actually happening in the advertising world, especially the mobile advertising world.

I've highlighted before of AppFlood and their misleading ads. And as it happens, I've had countless encounters with other ad networks too doing similar stuff. And honestly, this is a whole lot worse.

What EA did was more like they failed to highlight the other "features" of their game in the ad, such as there is IAP (I believe Google now requires this info to be added in your app's description).

But what some ad networks are doing are a whole lot worse. Click an ad, and you're brought to a totaly different app to download. Some networks auto download apps off from a website, often a good source for a trojan to get into the device installing it.

I wonder if the ASA or any other authority would look further into these stuff. Well, we developers are gonna be screwed for sure when this happens.

I really hope ad networks would start looking into this as we are really your partners, and there are many clean ways to achieve it with a win-win for all parties.

Have a great day!


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