Build Your Portfolio of Apps

I often get emails and messages from fellow developers about my experiences and stuff.

One common question that I've received often is "What my advice would be for a beginner app developer?".

Now, I'm no master or guru here, neither have I achieved much major achievement that I should be dishing out advices, but I do believe that I can share my experiences.

The One Advice

If there is only one thing that I can share with beginner (and experienced) developers today, it is to continue and build your apps portfolio.

Having a bunch of apps is really the best marketing machine we small solo developers can have.

I have used many of my small apps which get a few downloads to channel users to download my newer games. It often works wonders.

If you're following my app publishing and monetisation case study (week 1, week 2 and week 3), you'll know the football goalkeeper game that I published had almost 500 downloads within the first 24 hours. That's pretty good I say for us small solo devs.

The Missed Opportunities

As a beginner, you may be wondering why you aren't getting the downloads after all the effort you've put in.

I've seen some of your apps, and they are so well done, its unfair that the downloads don't match up.

I've been there before too. The only way to get downloads when you publish an app is by first getting users to your app page.

Besides spending on advertising, which many beginners don't have a budget for, and keywords optimisation which takes a while to show any results, cross promotion is a better alternative.

Cross Promote Right

There are things to consider too when cross promoting, like it won't make much sense cross promoting a biology educational app in a calculator app.

Cross promotion works best when used within context. Use your calculator app to cross promote your units conversion app instead.

A Guarantee.. NOT!

You need to understand though, just like everything in life, there always is a risk involved, and nothing is guaranteed is the only guarantee I can give you.

While my case study had a great start, it never went anywhere near my targets. I tried optimising as much as I can, but that's just how this game went.

Even cross promotion can fail, yet, it is still a great marketer for us. Often times, its the biggest marketer we have.

And Hope!

Hope you get more successful app launches via cross promotions, I'll share more experiences soon, and look out for the final explosive conclusion to my app case study coming next week!

Have an awesome day... every day!


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