Will 2015 see an Increase in the Role of the Mobile App Publisher?

We've all got that problem. We make a mobile app or a game, throw it out in the app store or market, and watch it drown to oblivion! Happens almost all the time.

While lots has been said about whether or not one needs a publisher for their mobile apps and games, times may just be shifting enough that the role of mobile app publishers gets a little more important.

There was a point in recent memory where the roles of publishers were, well, unpublished. We all had the same level playing field right? The same battle ground. The same market.

But as Google Play and the App Store gets overly crowded, and most indies having no magic pockets with infinite amount of cash for advertising and app promotion, the publisher is probably a good choice. Probably!

Polish your apps and games

Getting a publisher interested in your game or app is no easy task in iself. If the publisher role does indeed pick up, get ready for a repeat of the same app drowning experience as indie after indie reach out to the few top publishers to get their game out there.

If you're gonna get any notice from the publishers, do remember to polish your app up to 11! It's 2015, and consumers are gonna demand the best of the best. Publishers too want to project the best of the best image for themselves, and to ensure that they get their ROI.

Publishers can help your app get more exposure, get you more downloads, and that in turn gets you more revenue from your mobile apps.

Well, the question is, do you need a publisher? And..

Do publishers really know what they're smoking?

It is a tough world out there. When you look at it, even publishers have a hard time getting some of their games to more respectable levels. Then there are these small indie devs who have made it really big, game after game. Take Djinnworks for example. They make good well polished games that easily get over a million downloads upon launch. They are also into publishing in case you're looking into this.

Luck still plays a role in the success factor of your mobile apps, so does many other factors. Having a publisher partner with yourself can be beneficial if you have the capacity in making high quality apps and games, with focus on proper monetisation such as in-app purchases.

Good luck!


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