Heyzap Review - A Look At Heyzap's Updated Cross Promotion Tool

Let's take a look at Heyzap review by me with a focus on their cross promotion tool.

If you've read my blog long enough, you'll know that I love Heyzap. They're pretty cool, have great developer relation, well performing ads, and their dashboard provides quite some useful tools.

Also, if you're a long enough reader, you'll know that I've placed a very high importance on cross promotion to drive an apps growth. After all, getting more downloads for your apps is what will drive your revenues up, and keep you in this business for a long time.

Heyzap's Updated Cross Promotion

Heyzap's cross promotion tools were great from the start. They've made it more powerful and effective now with additional features.

I love the options to override the defaults of apps. These include the icon, title, description and very importantly the call to action (CTA) text. This allows for great A/B testing.

But the feature I'm most using now is the option to blacklist and whitelist apps to promote in. This feature allows one to cross promote in related apps and leave to full monetising in non-related apps.

Using Your Apps For Cross Promotion

Having a tool to easily promote your new apps and games is very important to the growth of your apps business. No downloads mean your app (and maybe business) dies a slow torturous death.

Having said that, there is surely places that Heyzap can further improve their cross promotion feature.

Heyzap's Cross Promotion Review - Ideas For Improvement

1 - Have A/B testing reports for override-able sections.

I'd love to see if icon A works better than icon B. I'd also love to see how screenshot A performs to screenshot B in Argentina.

These are useful metrics that can help in future materials preparation when cross promoting.

2 - Allow developers to filter out low paying ads for cross promo ads instead.

This way a developer can, for example, show own cross promo ad when an available inventory ad will make $0.20 for each generated download.

3 - Reuse media from another ad campaign without uploading again.

This would make life easier to have multiple campaigns running with customizations. Sometimes I wish to try a campaign out when I'm away from my PC, but I don't have the materials on my mobile device.

4 - Further control of cross promo ads showing, like every alternate ad, or after every 3 ads.

This gives developers a better control of how often to show an ad. There is a percentage controller option available, but for a game that has many levels and opportunities to show ads, I'd like to not keep showing just my own ads.

5 - Percentage controller on a per app basis.

The percentage controller right now shows and controls on an overall sense. Would be great if there is option to allocate X% to app A , Y% to app B, and Z% to the rest.

6 - Option to turn off cross promo ads once X amount of installs are generated each day.

Sometimes I'd love to control how many installs I want to generate each day. So once my target is reached, I'd love to shift to normal ad serving.


Heyzap is getting bought over by another company, and maybe more changes will happen. I hope the direction keeps improving just like Heyzap has over the past years.

Would be interesting to see what Jude and Immad get up to next.

Hope this review of heyzap's cross promotional tool has given you an overview of what the potential is for your app to get more downloads.

Happy cross promoting!


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