The solo app developer and Marketing

Coming from a technical background myself, I at one point really hated anything out of coding.

I mean, it  excites me more making a new app than it is trying to change the color of the CTA button in the latest cross promo image of my last game.

But its changed recently. I really love the challenge. And Marketing is one helluva challenge!

The Marketing Hat

As a one man show, I'm constantly changing hats. I'm the developer, designer, coffee maker, product tester , publisher, and the marketer too!

And at this stage I love marketing as much as I do coding. And it would do you good to embrace it too, even if you're outsourcing the hat.

What App Marketing Is

Marketing is like leading a bunch of horses to the water. Whether they drink or not, well, that's where sales come in, but I'll leave sales for another day.

How do you get the horses to the water? How do you tell the horses there is water in the first place? How are you going to attract more horses to follow the path that leads to the water?

App marketing is understanding your potential audience, and  luring the right ones to your apps.

App marketing announces to the  world that your app exists, gives your app page the views it needs to potentially generate some downloads.

The biggest app developer killer is not getting downloads for a released app. So, in order to survive, you need to learn how to market your app.

My main vehicle for marketing has been cross promotion via my other apps. And done right, this can help get the momentum going  for your new app.

Change The Hat

So, if you're a solo developer of apps and looking at increasing your downloads, change that hat!



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