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Motivational Wednesday - How is your dream doing?

Hi folks, it is Wednesday, and it the the M day... not Monday, it is Motivational Wednesday! Today we talk about your dream. About that vision you have when you're sleeping, when you're awake, when you're in the bus, in the elevator, in the loo!

Goodbyes, Hellos, the Ring, the Bar and Easter Eggs!

Hello folks! Been a while since I wrote some stuff here. Tough making time at times :D Thanks for all your visits and support, this blog has passed 10k page views, and often hitting more than 200 pageviews on a daily basis! Thanks again for the support! Hows your revenue been? Glad that Leadbolt's revenue is now back to normal after the hiccup recently.

Motivational Wednesday - Stronger than Ever!

Hello and welcome to a brand new day. It is Motivational Wednesday, and well, lets get motivated. Are you making money from your Android apps? Are you having some other stream of revenue besides your day job (assuming you're in a job)? Are you able to cope with the unexpected? Today's post is gonna highlight a bleak moment in mine and my family's life, and how my family and I came out of it, and how all the B4A folks are now benefiting from it!

A quick Airpush update and the Mental block

A quick Airpush update Folks, if you want to get paid by Airpush in the next billing cycle, I'd suggest you go to the payment page on Airpush, and there you will see a form which needs filling up. The WBEN-8 form is some taxation related detail that is required I believe by businesses running in the great ole US of A. Airpush runs from there, thus they need to inform Obama who is being paid how much out of the country. I am not sure if Airpush will halt payment if the forms aren't in, but why wait for the disappointment? Get that form filled up ASAP! A mental block There are times when I have so much to tell, but I just can't quite get a move on. That happens when you've had a truly awesomely boring meeting in the morning where you said zero freaking words (beside the greetings, of course, to back stabbers who will not even think twice of poking your back with a tooth pick!). And one such moment is right now (the mental block moment, not the stabbing moment). Ins

A Brand New Week, and The Leadbolt Yoyo!

It is a brand new week. A fresh start again, feeling all energized and pumped up to make the most of it, and hope you are too! Hows that for a motivational start? So, here is a look back at the previous week, looking at the coming week, and Leadbolt 's Yoyo (you've gotta read this part if you're using Leadbolt).

Unity3D - At no cost for a while!

This is a quick one (hey it is Sunday!). Thanks to Eric from , I was made known about the "FREE for a while" thingy that is on at Unity3D . Unity3D is an AWESOME tool for 3D games creation, with a model of the write-once-deploy-anywhere type. You can make superb 3D games with it, and make it into a stand alone Window's game, a web browser game, an iOS game, an Android game, and many other output options. Unity3D has been free for a while now for small Indie developers, but the iOS and Android add-on would knock you back $400 EACH. For now though, the add-ons are FREE! An amazing saving of $800! Well, I might be wrong, and I might have missed a T&C somewhere about the free, but what the heck. Go get it! Please be warned that games made with Unity3D will require at least an ArmV7 processor to run. If you don't have such a device, I'd suggest you still go get the free version for now. Who knows when you'd upgrade eh? Cheers! -Bill

A Look back at 2011 and Easter Apps!

Yes!! I have made it! I have posted at least once every weekday this week. Yeah yeah, I know the days shown on the blog is Sunday through Thursday. It was one day later for my side of the world anyway. So, the weekend is coming up, time to reflect on the week that was, the weekend that is to be, and the week that is coming. What are your plans? Need some ideas on what to do? Interestingly, it might also be a time to reflect on your mobile app advertising implementation strategy.

The Whip Trend, 20K Devs and the Ring.

Woot! My biggest download for yesterday came in the form of an app developed in less than 1 hour! Awesome! It is surprising how some simple stuff can take off. Similar results were unexpectedly brought on when i did the Todo app too (also developed and released in less than 1 hour!) Whip It! was downloaded about 550 times yesterday. It has moved up quite a number of places for search term "whip". Doing real awesome! Why did it do what it did?

Motivational Wednesday - Persistence

Hi all, and welcome to a brand new day! I was having my usual commute today to my "job" (can't wait to get rid of that from my life!), and I was reflecting on what this blog site has turned into.

Whip It! and the Big Bang Theory!

Hey folks! How are you doing? Hope you're having an awesome day so far. I was chatting with a fellow developer, when he showed me this video: Now, you will know from my blog here that i am an advocate (WOW! What a BIG word to use!) of simple apps? I decided to work this one out, and it took me less than 15 minutes of actual coding time to get it all working. Another 10 minutes to sort out the manifest file, the ads in it, and the graphic. And that's it! If you have not tried Basic4Android, give it a go. You will be amazed at the rate you can publish games and apps for Android! It is available for download here . Give it a go and have fun! Cheers! -Bill

App Wall - Implementation Strategy

There are a few App Wall implementation available for us, the Android developers. How is your's performing? How have you implemented the app wall? Which app wall are you using? After a while using the walls ( AppBrain 's and Leadbolt 's mainly), I might just have the answers to the above, the best wall to use and the best implementation strategy to monetise your Android apps well.

Paid vs Free Apps, another one bites the dust?

Have you ever wondered whether you should go the paid or the free route in the journey of your Android apps? Have you ever thought of the various models available for us in monetizing our apps? Which route have you chosen?

Totally random ramblings on Mobile Advertising!

Can you hear the ramblings? Welcome folks to another episode of my world famous mobile advertising blog! If some of you tried accessing the blog a couple of days ago, you might have seen a message stating that it is deleted or something. Well, it was. I deleted the blog. Kind of brought it to the afterlife!

MIA.. My Earnings Report!

For all you avid readers of this fantastic blog, I guess you must be wondering where my Android app earning reports are? Well, I have something else in mind.