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New Dimensions and Frontiers

Hey folks. How's it going? I have been using Basic4Android for a while now for my developments. I was one of the "pioneers" of users who bought the product even before it was released. Honestly, it was one of the best purchases of my life. It had worked out better than expected. I released a number of B4A libraries for monetisation, and I believe many have benefited from them. But, now it is time to move on.

App Release Strategy - New or Old?

I have been having a dilemma, I am planning to update some of my apps. More like a total re-do of the apps. With extra levels, and a number of extra features. The difference ts, that these new changes could be considered a total new app. The dilemma? To update my old apps (of which a couple already have over 100k downloads, and another one coming in soon to that range) , or to release as version 2 of the apps?

AppLovin and the Social Ads Evolution

Something really exciting is brewing in the AppLovin 's camp, and no, it ain't coffee! I went to the main AppLovin's site as usual to check on my daily earnings, and was surprised to the changed home screen. I went through the screens again to see what it was (I missed it the first time around as I was on a different tab in my browser). And WOAH! What an awesome awesome idea! AppLovin, the company that brought to us a more personal level of social ads, is doing the evolution magic yet again. This time, it would benefit the developers a whole lot more. Let's see.

CyberBounty Sign-Up Ads - Performance Review

Hi folks. Here is a look at Cyberbounty so far. The following is my performance from implementation in 4 apps. Lets see..

Location permission.. shall we?

After a busy week, we meet again! How are things going where you're at? Ad revenues are still not at the peak that they should be for me, looks like it is headed to a slower month for me this May. Hang on for updates on the Mobfox video ads and cyberbounty progress report coming up. Back to the topic of the day, I have been thinking about the location permissions, and how that will go for developers and users alike. Share your thoughts too.

A new address coming right up!

Hey folks, just a heads up! This blog is in transition. It is getting a new domain : Some parts of the blogs will be having issues accessing. Please be patient while this gets sorted out. In the mean time, feel free to hook up with me via Twitter and email at bill [at] mobiadage dot com [you know what to change]. Cheers! UPDATE - New domain should be up... you can access this site now with

Blog Exclusive - CyberBounty Ads for Basic4Android

And here is the 2nd library of the day. CyberBounty is a CPA ad network (after using Leadbolt , I am just addicted to CPA ad types!). It does not have ads in all countries, but most of the major ones (Read: USA) are covered. Most other sign up ad providers don't have coverage for very many countries too. Ad types for CyberBounty are sign-up ads mainly, I've only been running them for a couple of days in 1 app, so no feedback just yet (except that one of the sign ups generated $3 for 1 click!). Await my performance feedback further down the month if I still stick with them. Library is straight forward. Go to the Get SDK section of your dashboard and get the necessary numbers to use. Download the SDK from the dashboard too. Manifest: <activity android:name="com.cyberbounty.adapplib.ADScreen" android:configChanges="orientation|keyboardHidden|keyboard"></activity> Sign up with my referral link here , and get that feel good tingling

Blog Exclusive - InMobi Ads for Basic4Android

Ok, here is the first library of today. It is for InMobi. In recent days/weeks, InMobi has been very very active in the mobile advertising world. They are an India based ad agency if I am not mistaken, with presence in many places around the globe. The banner library has been available in B4A forum for a while now, but exclusive on this blog is a brand new version with full screen interstitial ads. I've got one of the regulars here, susu, to help test it out, and we both realised that there is a lack of inventory for it right now. Maybe other locations would have a better fill rate for it? >> Download Library << >> Download sample project << Do feedback if it works or not. And to susu.. thanks for helping out with the tests! Steps for fullscreen/interstitials: 1 - initialise 2 - LoadAd 3 - In event AdRequestCompleted, do ShowAd In Manifest: <!-- Mandatory activity declaration to show the Ad in the embedded browser --> <activit

A year down the app path!

Hello people (and zombies, I know there are zombies too!)! Well, April ended without too much of a slowdown as I thougt it was. I was down by about 5% compared to March. Not too bad, still much more than my day job! So, the recent week has seen some important events happen for my apps business. Here is the breakdown.