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2nd Unity3D Game - from Idea to Market in 4 hours!

I've just released my 2nd Unity3D game to the market folks. It is a 2D basketball shooting / hooping / scoring game.
The best part, as the title mentions, it took less than 4 hours in total to get the game from idea to published in the market! All done in Unity3D, with not a single line of code written!
Give the game a go:
Impact Basketball
Some screenies:

Yes, the game is very simple and basic, but the fact is, with proper tools like Unity3D and some other plugins, you can start churning out games at a very fast rate.
Creating Impact
If you've seen my previous game, Impact Jumper, you will now realise a recurring theme in my Unity3D games. This is because I am planning on releasing a few "Impact" series of games. Here are some screenshots of another one in the making:

You can guess what game that is eh? There is another one with the idea currently running in my mind, will get to that after Impact Golf is out.
I am also working out other game types of course, still p…