Thursday, November 8, 2012

SendDroid - no ReceiveDroid?

One thing that really annoys me is when someone sends out an email to ask for something, an opinion or idea for example, and you take the time and effort to reply to that email, and the original party not responding to your email in any way.

This is one common problem with SendDroid. Chandler is now known to spam people's inboxes but very seldom replies to emails.

Hey Chandler, you reading this? If you can't handle the number of emails you get, I'd highly recommend an assistant!

People been complaining a lack of response from your side on the Basic4Android forums and also on . I Hope you start appreciating the time developers are taking to communicate with you.

SendDroid - a 1-man show?

Many people are now wondering if it is a 1-man show. Though I believe it is not so easy to run this business as a 1-man show, I do believe SendDroid is being run by 2 people (sense the sarcasm!)

Idea acquisition

One cheap, and I'd say effective way of getting ideas and opinions is to ask the people who are using your products. And we developers would have tonnes of ideas and opinions we can share with ad networks.

Chandler recently sent out an email to fellow developers on opinions and ideas for SendDroid. I don't use SendDroid in my apps, as I had horrible fill rates and eCPM performance with them at the start, and I have decided to remove aggressive ads from my apps for now.

I did reply to Chandler on this email though. As the idea of Alert Ads Pro was quite interesting.

Banner blindness is common these days in apps, thus the lower revenues potential from them. SendDroid basically brings the banners "into your face" with the pop-up banner ad. A miniature interstitial if you think about it.

My Idea

I sent an email to SendDroid, asking for a non-sdk version of this implementation. Why a non-SDK implementation. Well, the ads are basically banners that are shown in a pop-up. It is possible to show banners in webviews, like what Leadbolt has.

Also it is a matter of time before SendDroid starts showing up in all those anti-virus apps, and developers start getting 1-star ratings with comments like "It is a virus!". A non-SDK implementation would be really good in this case.


I'd love to thank you for reading this and all the previous and future blog entries :D There, a small thank you email from Chandler would have been welcomed (pun intended!).

And if SendDroid does do this non-SDK ads... you heard it here first!