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Mad Elephant Studios Privacy Policy

Thank you for downloading our apps. We'll try to make this privacy policy as simple to understand as possible. If you have any issues or concerns, you may drop us an email via the contact option from the location you downloaded the app from.

Usage of our Apps

Usage of any of our ("Mad Elephant Studios" or "Mad Elephant Studios Sports Fun Games") apps automatically means you agree with the privacy policy that is applied to the apps. If you do not agree to any terms here or of our partners, then you are to stop usage of the apps and uninstall them from your devices.

Data Collection

We do not store any personal data from your devices in any way within our company. The data that is collected is passed on to one or more of our partner ad networks as well as analytics to better improve our apps and games.

Our partner ad and analytics networks:
Please do visit the partner websites and check out their privacy policies that governs how your data is used for advertising purposes.

Advertising ID

Where ever possible, the Advertising ID is used for advertising purposes. This is in compliance with Google's latest policy on advertising related tracking, which protects your privacy further.

When advertising ID is not present on your device, we might fall back on any other persistent identifiers for advertising purposes.

Please read and understand Google's policy on this here.

Data Collected

The data collected are mainly device related for advertising usage purpose. These include:

  • Basic geographic location
  • Carrier, device model, specs and manufacturer
  • OS details
  • Language and connection settings
  • IP Address
  • Advertising ID (or other persistent ID when Advertising ID is missing)
  • other data collection specified by partner ad networks as specified in their privacy policies.

Hope the above is clear on your privacy in usage of our apps. Any further info you need, please do contact us via the contact options from where the app was downloaded.

Thank you!


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