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Leadbolt Ads - 3 steps to making the most of it!

Ad Options There are many money making with advertising options available for android developers. There is the in-app model, such as Admob or Mobfox . Then there are the app wall options like those provided by AppBrain . My favourite ad provider, Leadbolt has the most types of ad formats available. It is also the option for generating the most revenue! You should register now and start using Leadbolt in your apps! This post shows how you can best optimise your Leadbolt notification ads and how to maximise your revenue and eCPM.

Of Christmas, New Year and the Toolbox!

Start the groove! First off, A very Merry Christmas and an even greater year ahead to you and your family! I wish you much success in making money with android in the coming year! Stick around this blog and I'll share my favourite money making tips for android, and also how to market your apps! The closing - it really is the start of this blog post! December had been an awesome month for ad revenue. Guess Santa Clause did indeed come to town! Advertisers usually run fresh new campaigns during the holiday seasons, so it really is good to get your apps out during this time. Plus Airpush is giving out 25% extra bonus for December revenue! What are you waiting for then? Go on! Add some adverts in your apps and games and lets make some money! And if you're just starting off, and are interested in making money with your wonderful android device, then hang in there! Onwards to the next in my series of blog entries... The THING! - not the creature thingy! Every carp

6 Months to over $2000 from ads... my story!

A read up...  While I prepare my next blog entries, why don't you enjoy a read on my journey and quite a bit of tips here: My Adventure So Far .. Money Making and Tips! Do leave some feedback if you find it useful! The ad agencies that I use are available at the top right of this blog. Also add me on twitter : AndroidMES Cheers! Bill

Can you make money from Android?

The stories.. You might have come across stories of android developers making a living (or a killing?) from android apps. I am from one of the unfortunate countries that cannot sell android apps. My option? Release the games and apps for free. Now I started this off as a hobby, just thought I'd make some extra cash month to month and see how far it goes. The luck factor  I guess I got lucky from the start (hey, I'm being honest here!) and I picked a niche that was good enough to get me off to a good start. My rise wasn't phenomenal. I've seen apps hit the 10k - 50k download range on launch day. I wished that I had a similar success. The growth of my apps (games mainly) have been slow and steady.. but they were steady. And somehow, over time, different apps have had different growth. The revenue In my first month, I hit $49 from admob. That was great, I had covered the $25 that I spent for the market registration. In the next couple of weeks, I recover