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Airpush - A Google Play Suspension Potential!

Now, I thought Airpush mentioned that they have fixed the 'New Message' crap? And here is what I have today in my notification tray: Just when I was thinking of adding back notification ads, Airpush comes along and shows that they really have no concern for their developers! For all those using Airpush, please beware that the 'New Message' ad is clearly against Google Play's T&C! Update: After about 4 hours later, another similar message pops up: Good luck to developers using Airpush!

A September Without Push Ads, The Wanted.. and the Holy Grail!

Enjoy some random ramblings from me.... IN YOUR FACE! I was out doing the weekly grocery shopping at the local Tesco outlet, when this lady walked by, and she had this black t-shirt on with the wordings "The Wanted" on it. Really huge.... words, seriously, the wording just shouted out at me. And guess what came to my mind? Notification Ad! LOL! The "ad" of the band popped up, when I was least expecting it, and while I was not watching the TV or listening to the Radio! Awesome eh? Long live notification ads!!!