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Which mobile advertising network should I use?

When it comes to monetising apps on the Android platform, mobile ads is one of the better options (IAP is probably the other alternative which is doing real good now). A little while back, someone asked me what networks I use. Now, this is a list of networks I use. Not in all my apps though. And my ad network usage changes from time to time. So the following are just my choices, you MUST try out what works for you, as mileage really differs from developer to developer, and from app to app. Preffered mobile advertising networks The following are my preffered networks, and those that I would be implementing in my apps going forward (performance pending of course). AppFlood UPDATE: I've dropped AppFlood till the issue here is sorted out. AppFlood is really an awesome network. 100% of revenue goes to developers. The best payout system (net-anything, seriously!). Innovative ad formats, and a huge selection of ads make up only some of their good points. Their transparenc

AppFlood Review - The Better Ad Network for Android!

UPDATE: You may wanna beware of this issue with AppFlood before proceeding Now that the no-post-in-March month is over (  just declared that now that I realised I did not make any new posts in March :D  ), let's get on in improving our bank balances from mobile app ads!