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AppFlood and Their Misleading Ads

Unhappy encounter I recently encountered an BIG issue with AppFlood, and have decided to leave them till the issue is sorted out. With Google's new developer policy out, I, like many other fellow developers was busy updating the apps to be more compliant. I was truly moving towards just having AppLovin and AppFlood (walls and panel ads) in. And then it popped up. An ad of Candy Crush (even mentions "" in the ad). I really was suspicious of this ad as I have not seen any big name ad shown on my AppFlood trials. This ad even used the icon of candy crush. I clicked it, and it went to a web page (redirection as many ads do), and it started an auto-download of a Moborobo client. No sign of candy crush at all. Now, this is clearly in violation of Google's policy, under "Impersonation and Deceptive Behaviour". Remember, anything and everything about your app is your responsibility as a developer. You show misleading ads in you app, you will be pen