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Of successful apps, and failures!

My last post on the cartoon mini golf game highlighted what I thought was my best game yet. Unfortunately, it was a total disaster in terms of getting downloads. The mini golf game barely broke the 10k downloads mark at the end of the first 30 days. Compare this against the football goalkeeper game which I did a case study on, it was really a disappointing achievement. But that's the reality here. The mobile apps business is a real beast, and its really tough to tame it. From what I've read, Supercell makes an estimated $1.3m from Clash of Clans daily. Their 2nd outing, Boom Beach makes about 10% of that ($130k daily). Guess, relatively speaking, Boom Beach isn't quite what they would call a success. And really, what's there with Rovio besides Angry Birds (milked and reskinned to the max) ? It really looks like they are a 1-hit wonder (yes, yes, I know there are other games too, but they are no where near the pig killers). The point is, I'm not picking on t