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Will 2015 see an Increase in the Role of the Mobile App Publisher?

We've all got that problem. We make a mobile app or a game, throw it out in the app store or market, and watch it drown to oblivion! Happens almost all the time. While lots has been said about whether or not one needs a publisher for their mobile apps and games, times may just be shifting enough that the role of mobile app publishers gets a little more important.

What I learnt about the mobile apps business from McDonald's

McDonald's make great burgers (your preference may vary), IKEA make pretty cool furniture, BMW make awesome driving machines. Do you get what's going on here? Publishing apps business is delicious! Over the years building and publishing mobile apps and games, I've noticed and experienced myself an important aspect that makes a successful mobile apps business.

The Year that Was, the Year that Will Be!

As the year comes closer to the end, its perhaps time for reflections on what has happened, and what's to come. Last year (2013) was a big roller coaster for me, ups and downs and loop-de-loops. 2014 was a surprisingly rather stable year. If anything, I feel I've grown better in many ways. 10 million downloads.. and counting!