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What the other app marketers are NOT telling you about app icons!

I was out visiting the local weekly night market recently. Its a great place to get all sort of stuff, food, and to see people. Christmas Market Vintage Silhouette by  Karen Arnold From a distance, as I neared the street where the stalls are set up, the noise (and wonderful food smell) started streaming towards my ears (and nose). And as I approached the centre of the market proper, the screaming started to get louder and louder. You'd think a triad has started a street war or something!

8 Brilliant Ways to Make Money with Android

Are you wondering if you can truly make money from Android apps business? Truth is, you can make pretty solid money from Android. The Android ecosystem is really huge, that the slice of cake each developer can potentially get is, pretty sweet. I've been developing and making money with Android for over 4 years now. It took me about 2 years to get the "hobby" to start giving a stable enough income to leave my day job . And the 2.5 years after leaving the job? Well, that has been the best days of my life! Here are some common, and uncommon, ways you can make money from your Android apps.

3 Powerful Strategies to Get More Positive Reviews & Ratings for Your Apps

Have you published a pretty awesome app, but are struggling to get reviews and ratings for your apps? Worse still, are you getting negative reviews and ratings for your apps? App Reviews & Ratings The mobile apps business is pretty complex. Its not a "build it and they will come" like it used to be. There is the app store optimization to take care of. And then there is the app marketing and promotion to work out. Don't forget the app development and publishing process itself. One important aspect that many developers tend to miss out on is reviews and ratings optimization . Are you one of these developers? If you are, you may be missing out on one of the most important marketing machine your app has.

Support Android Developers : Sign Petition for a Fairer Treatment from Google

Android developers, especially the small indie ones, have one big concern when it comes to publishing apps on the Google Play store. Apps suspension, and ultimately account banning from Google. And that too done in such a way that developers don't have ways of defending themselves or given any opportunity to fix the issues. Sign the Petition Here! Check out following problems reported by Phandroid and another developer on Reddit . There are countless other similar cases that's been reported by developers. Is Google Evil?

An Easy Keyword Research Strategy You Can Use Today for Your Apps

Like it or not, we've got to accept the fact that the Apple's app store and Google's Play store are both getting terribly crowded. (Psst! Read to the end for a hot tip on app naming!) Keyword research play an even bigger role now. Gone are the days where you could slap together, for example, a  flashlight app, and your app would show up for flashlight searches. In fact it's gotten so bad for flashlights, that Apple has even stopped accepting flashlight apps! A new year, a new look! Before I proceed, I would love to wish you and all your loved ones a wonderful 2015! May you publish a new flappy bird killer app or game this year. This blog has just undergone (still is undergoing) some renovations, and hopefully this new look gives the blog a more professional look. But the changes are not final, and not only limited to how it looks. This year MobiAdage changes its tag line to "the business of mobile" . With that, I am striving on providing you wit