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Google stepping on my toes: Ads in Google Play searches, how am I affected?

I guess Google woke up yesterday and smelt the coffee. Then it went out for a walk to smell the grass. Google then went further down their lane to the shops and got themselves some bacon and bread. As Google was stepping out of the shop, a brick magically dropped from the sky and hit it in the head. And a realization came to Google, that they have the most popular app on Android, the Google Play market app! Who cares about the brick right? Show me the Money! Google, the big G, is now onto apps advertising business ! Welcome buddy! Note: If you're gonna tell me that they been in ads all this while, please, just let me be dramatic a while! So searches on Google Play would start showing ads in them. Well, it is their eco system after all, they should have the rights to make money from it. My biggest annoyance with this really is that app discovery is about to get a hell of a lot tougher ! Already its tough getting ranked, throw in a few more ads in between the search

App Store Optimization : Improving App Search Ranking with Keywords

You've heard this many many times the past weeks. Heck, even the past months and past years! Keywords make all the differences in your app store optimization strategy. This key ASO strategy affects your app's search and discovery. Unless you're a big brand or a big app of course, then you can screw keywords (maybe)! Smart Keywords App Store Optimization You've got to get keywords right though, and know where you should have them and how. Pssst! To get more tips and tricks of app store optimization, do sign up for the newsletter! Here is how the priority goes: 1 - Keywords in App Title Keywords in app title carries the biggest weight. Its crazily heavy, that if you are not doing this already, please do it. The app stores put pretty high value in title keywords, that not having a keyword in would mean a big lost of download potential. Its tempting to make a short app name. To build your brand especially. But when you are that small fish in the bi

Are privacy issues hindering our growth potential?

The problem with privacy is, well the lack of it. But not in the sense we've been told. There has been all the noise about privacy that even the mobile app world was not spared. Privacy on an Android device We now have the Android advertising ID that mobile ad networks must use.  I just checked the setting on my device, and the opt-out is unchecked. If this is the default setting, then we know that most users are not going to turn this on. Neither will most users reset their ad ID every now and then. Its a good thing I guess. Submitting the list of apps that a user has on his/her device(s) is also a big No-no now. On the bigger picture, in my opinion, worrying about some basic simple stuff is really hindering our progress. My simple search and wasted opportunities