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What mobile app or game to make next?

A Million-Download App I want to make another million download hit. In fact, I want to make that every time I release an app. But I know (and have faced) reality, and there are times I release simple, life-lacking mobile games. These are more for my satisfaction that I have completed another one. Sometimes too, these come out of a challenge for myself. I recently tried making a pinball game  in Unity3D. It is published, with a modified and simplified gameplay. And it took just a day to do it. Ketchapp be the inspiration! You never know when your release will be a hit , eh? Flappy bird probably best falls into this category. The Secret to Mobile App Success This really is a secret to mobile app success. Maybe not each and every app, but eventual apps. So I sat down today, and tried to list out where I've been successful. I guess one of the mantras of successful people is, "do more of what works " . My list went with the usual suspects. Golf games, s

App Store Optimization - How to get more downloads from app store search

You know that app store optimization can help in getting a huge number of downloads for your apps. App store search is the biggest source to increase app downloads you can expect for your app. And as you would be aware, a bigger download mean a higher revenue . There are a million things to do to improve your app store ranking using  app store optimization (ASO) . And language or translation plays a really important in that strategy. What Is ASO? App Store Optimization, or ASO is the process of where you tweak your app store listing so that it shows up higher in app store searches. The higher you rank your app, the higher the number of downloads. Below a certain level of listing, you are most likely not going to get any downloads. What is the one thing you can do today to improve your app store ranking using ASO? Optimizing App Store Listing I recently updated an ancient game of mine on Google Play. This game, a football juggling game , was my first game out on Android.