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Developing & Monetizing A New Mobile Game

So, someone said that if you're not the top 500 developer in the app stores, you're not making it. He might be trying to be nice. It's tough out there. And let me relate. My last post was about a new golf game I published. And I wanted to share its progress and how it achieved $1.3m USD in just 3 weeks. Of course it never came close to that. It was a disaster! The Stats The game got about 9k downloads in its first 30 days. And a great grand revenue of less than $100 ( didn't bother really checking exact amount ). Now, this was a really bad performance. I looked at giving value to users, as compared against my previous golf games. There were 3, 18-holes golf courses to start with, and I added a 4th about a week later. And the ads were lesser than my previous games. I also felt, design wise, the game looked a lot better than my older ones. Yet, it failed terribly. 2 weeks of work and really nothing to show for it. My previous hits often took just a few hour